Introducing the
The Mini Conker

From £23,000

Mini ... but perfectly formed

The space-saving size of the Mini Conker and Mini Igloo means there is a Conker for everyone – even when you have less space or a smaller budget.

Like the full-size Conkers’ Mini Conker and Mini Igloo meet permitted development planning regulations and are lightweight and portable –
needing no foundations, just level ground.

The benefit of the Mini versions is that they take up less space, yet still provide comfortably sized garden rooms or home offices.


£23,000 ex VAT

Designed and built in Cheshire, UK

Choose The Mini Conker when you need more…


Sofa bed (single or double)
Bedside units
Wet room with shower, toilet & sink
Bench seat with storage


3m long desk
Desk drawers (for left or right side of desk)
Conference table
Bench seat with storage

Exterior colour

British Racing


Power up with plug-in, plug-in hybrid or off-the-grid Conker models.


Cost and type of foundations will be subject to a soil survey.

on firm ground
Bolted to earth screws
Telescopic legs
for uneven ground
Bolted to earth screws

In the box

Built to British Standard residential specification

• Quick installation with minimal disruption
• Double-glazed windows
• Underfloor heating (full-sphere only)
• Ventilation system
• Efficient heat recovery system
• Up to 75mm of insulation
• Power sockets with USB
• Secure locking system
• 8–12 week typical delivery time

For when you need to Conker more…

Any number of Conkers can be linked together to create a multi-room space.


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