The personal


Personal meeting booth

The Uno

Whether it’s Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet, these days online meetings are an integral part of office life. However, a video chat with colleagues often means you hog that valuable meeting room or struggle to be heard over the office din. 

Soundproofed interior

With The Uno, you have your own personal soundproofed space to meet, work or study in silence and complete privacy; but there are many more reasons to choose The Uno:

As with all Conker Living products, a top-grade specification comes as standard. The Uno personal booth is packed full of innovative features and characteristics to enhance your experience. These include:

Designed and built in Cheshire, UK

Digital Ready

In the modern era, maintaining focus can be a challenge. The Uno combines a peaceful, distraction-free workspace with a design that maintains your connection to the office environment. Everything down to the space between seat and desk has been optimized for comfort and efficiency, making it the perfect addition to empower your productivity.


For a broader look at what we offer, explore our full range of innovative products designed for modern workspaces. Discover The Uno up close at the Workplace Event, NEC Birmingham, from 30th April to 2nd May.